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Welcome to Karasu Software. We are a dedicated group of developers who have consulted for many industry leaders in diverse sectors such as: AI, gaming, aerospace, and contingent staffing to name a few. At Karasu Software, we have an industry proven track record for tackling complex problems with innovative solutions. We build the shiny things so that you don’t have to.

We are based in Seattle, Washington, brought together by the simple concept that if we can tackle interesting and difficult problems we will build shareholder value while everyone profits.

Contact us for more information at letschat@karasusoftware.com

SolarVit – A fully featured Healthcare as a Service Application

  • Provide employees with a simple health value-add by automatically messaging employees when they should consider taking additional vitamin D, seek shelter from adverse weather conditions, or be aware of natural disasters in their area.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder comes at significant cost of employee productivity and healthcare premiums related to SAD and depression. Use SolarVit to proactively combat SAD to keep productivity high and employees engaged.
  • https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/seasonal-affective-disorder

Bullhorn ADP Integration

  • Reporting information out of Bullhorn
  • Integration between multiple ATS sources to get one fully integrated data reporting source. (One single source of truth)

VMS Integration with ADP and Kronos

  • If you have contingent staff working at multiple companies that use different vendor management services, we can integrate those systems so that your employees only have to enter time in one system.
  • We can integrate with the following VMS: Coupa, Fieldglass, IQ Navigation, and Jira to name a few.

Custom API Integration

  • If your company lacks resources for API integration, we would be happy to discuss custom API integrations that will best fit your needs. 
  • We can code in C+, Python, and/or PowerShell.

Contact us for more information at letschat@karasusoftware.com

At Karasu Software:

  • We make use of the latest technologies by using Microsoft Azure Onelake to seamlessly integrate between multiple data islands.
  • No shared hosting – Your data is yours alone, and on only your infrastructure.
  • Take your data with you – If your infrastructure changes, we will work with you to egress your data to your new infrastructure.
  • Contact us for more information at letschat@karasusoftware.com

If you are unable to login and you believe this is an error, or if your password needs to be reset, please contact us at letschat@karasusoftware.com